Posted 22 hours ago

Things Have Changed

So things are evolving (As always) which doesn’t always mean everything is bad. Change is good. And I’ve somewhat learned to accept change. But change can also be uncomfortable and weird to an extant. However I feel it has made me into a better person having gone through the necessary change. I still search, aimlessly for the one that make’s me whole. But I shall remain patient through many a hardship. For the one I seek shall reveal them self. And the one I seek shall make them self clear as the morning sunrise. All will fall in place at it’s designated time.

Posted 2 days ago

So Neil Armstrong Elementary turned into a dope skate spot. Stoked!

Posted 3 days ago

There are some things in this world I am extremely protective of. Zapp’s Voodoo chips are one of those things. #chips #chronicgrub #livinthatlife

Posted 4 days ago

Linear grooves are so hard, but god damn do they sound cool! What I love most about this pattern is the fact that you don’t need to stray from the original sticking to make an interesting sounding fill! Here’s the sticking patter for all you drummers: KRL KRL KRL K LRL KRL! #drums #lineargrooves #onevoiceatatime #fun #groovin

Posted 5 days ago

I’m beyond stoked to wear this piece of art on my skin! It’s a good reminder to always keep my head up and to keep on keepin’ on! Thanks a ton, Matty @mattfink_ , I really appreciate your work! Now we just gotta get the families together for a Hopyard dinner. @premiumtattoooakland #tattoo #traditional #premiumtattoo #quality

Posted 1 week ago

Having a ton if fun with this chord progression, I feel like I’m finally getting my piano chops back! And I’m having even more fun with note values. Those 16th note triplets are hard to land perfectly! #piano #music #trickynotation #practice

Posted 1 week ago

Syncopation in the Groove Shack! #drums #groove #polyrhythms #isobooth

Posted 1 week ago

Half way through a drum isolation with a wild mom spotted in the background. #drums #isolation #nomorelawsuits #hopefully

Posted 1 week ago

Having fun with this slick sounding polyrhythm. It took me a bit to wrap my mind around it, but I got it! #drums #groove #polyrhythms #experimentation #musicalexploration

Posted 2 weeks ago

Grabbed my guitar and my dog and set out to visit mother nature. I always enjoy staying grounded. #nature #hike #guitar #relaxation